oxidized sterling silver ring, hollow formed and fabricated by hand. 

Hammered Moon Ring

  • Care

    Sterling silver, bronze, copper, and gold will stay shiny the longest if you keep your jewelry sealed up in plastic bags when not being worn, or if you wear it often! The oils from your skin will keep it shiny (especially rings) and being out and about, bumping into things and fabrics regularly, will keep things nicely polished too. 


    However, you may want to spruce up your jewelry now and then especially if you dont wear it very often. The best option is a polishing cloth, like these, available in my shop, although you can also use toothpaste! Rub into the jewelry with your fingers and just wash away. Use elbow grease too if your jewelry is extra dingy. 



    Additionally, although I make jewelry that is meant to last, nothing is invincible and sometimes, things do bend or break. Be gentle with your handmade jewelry! But dont be afraid to wear it, either. If something happens to your jewelry and it needs repair, just send me an email at villalilla.jewelry@gmail.com and I will be happy to repair it for you. At my discretion I may charge for a repair.


    Replacement Earrings

    If you lose an earring I will replace it if it is possible to recreate (sometimes I can't get a replacement stone exactly the same) and you will be charged half the retail price you paid for the pair.