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The intention of Altar Jewelry is to create an inspirational feedback loop for myself, mother earth, and the wearers and admirers of my work. The imagery in my work is chosen to elicit feelings of of empowerment, connection to nature, healing on a vibrational level, beauty, love, and to remind us of the ever-present, holy energy in all beings, plant, animal, planet, celestial body, element, and human alike. I can only hope that my work inspires others’ connections to their higher selves and inner nature-connections, in attempt to create a more beautiful, peaceful, and sustainable reality.

The functions of jewelry in our lives are innumerable. Among their myriad purposes, rings hold memories, express strength, or invoke power. Necklaces shield tender hearts, declare truths, or connect us to our ancestors. I wear a shield ring to feel like I can be my vulnerable honest self, while creating safe boundaries around my being. We exchange pieces of jewelry to express love, admiration, or to promote healing. Jewelry and body adornment have been integral to human nature for millennia, and materials and techniques have been passed down over time, evolving with trends and technology, simply to fulfill this very human desire to adorn the body in beauty and to express certain ideas to the self others alike.

As a person who connects deeply with the beautiful mother Earth we share, my goal is to eventually create a totally sustainable way to make finely crafted silver and gold artistic jewelry with the intention of fostering personal and spiritual growth for both me, the maker/artist, and ultimately for the wearer. I hope to connect the inspiration I find in the natural world, to human flourishing in the form of intentional healing jewelry, inspiring others toward sustainability along the way. I do what I can to make my processes nature-friendly by using as few electric tools as possible, replacing the most toxic of shop chemicals with the least harmful options (one good example is I use regular old citric acid instead of the noxious Sparex), using only cloth towels, and recycling my own silver and gold, or purchasing only from suppliers who sell recycled raw materials, among other Earth-friendly practices. I will be launching a line that excludes commercially available gemstones; instead the stones for this line will either be surface mined or repurposed from old jewelry, and a portion of the profits will go to clean water for all.

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